Vaccination Advancement

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Advancements? “Humans have always used our intelligence and creativity to improve our existence. After all, we invented the wheel, discovered how to make fire, invented the printing press and found a vaccine for polio,” Naveen Jain. Humans have found all of these advancements in life, but are they really helping us or are they doing more harm than good. Vaccines are one of the most controversial advancements. This is because many people do not believe that these vaccinations will eliminate or decrease the chances of them working. Furthermore, some of these vaccines contain controversial ingredients that may cause more problems than what they are curing or preventing. Vaccinations are one of the greatest health developments in creation at …show more content…

For instance, the flu vaccination, that changes yearly, does not always work. This is because the flu adapts to the vaccination every year and it changes its complexity, making a standard vaccination for the flu is centrally impossible. Scientists are just predicting how the flu is going to mutate into and make a vaccination accordingly. Some of these vaccinations are even made after there is an outbreak. Also, there are many vaccinations that do not eliminate the chances of a person still getting it. They just simply decrease the chances of a person getting it. This happens when a person is given a killed or suspended strain of what is being vaccinated. This helps a person’s body that has been exposed to the vaccination a high chance for it to eliminate that particular foreign agent that they have been vaccinated …show more content…

Vaccines use very small quantities that are harmless to the body. Because of the speculation behind what is used in vaccines. Each vaccination has to go through a ten year screening and test in order to insure safety. Followed by supervised by the FDA and CDC after ten years to insure reliability and safety. Lastly, for couscous ingredients like thimerosal is separated into two categories. Children six and under the quantity of thimerosal are almost eliminated. It is increased slightly for those older because their immune system is more developed and can handle a high dose making for better results. In conclusion, I believe that vaccinations for children are necessary and should be required. So that an epidemic deadly illness does not start. However, because of the herd method not all children have to be vaccinated, but about eighty to ninety percent do. This will help ensure that our children stay protected from foreign agents and produce a healthier next

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