Vaccination Disadvantages

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I strongly believe if your child has not been vaccinated they shouldn’t be allowed into the school system due to the increase risk of my older nephew who has full immunizations to bring home horrible diseases to his younger brother who is not fully vaccinated yet. The fact is that multiple studies done by non-pharmaceutical affiliated organizations have proved that there is no link between vaccinations and illnesses such as autism (CDC, 2015). Herd immunity is when critical portions of society are immunized against a contagious disease so that there is little chance that the disease may re-emerge and effect members of the community who may not be able to get vaccinated (, 2016). Outbreaks of certain diseases occur when the critical number of people needed to have herd immunity drops.

There are many reasons people choose not to vaccinate or to slow down the vaccination schedule. Most of these reasons are myths. The reasons vary from the belief that many of
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This option may allow parents who are uncomfortable with vaccinating their children all at once with some flexibility. Parents may have had bad experiences with so many vaccinations at once such as high fevers and spreading them out can alleviate that and still continue to keep children getting vaccinations. The con to spreading out vaccinations is that it can cause herd immunity to fail (Lehman, 2015). According to Schwartz and Caplan (2011), the currently recommended vaccination schedule does not put healthy children at risk but the risks of spreading out the vaccinations is clear (Schwarz & Caplan, 2011). When spread out, the likelihood of a series being complete is low, children go through longer periods without protection, and delayed vaccinations can also increase the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases in the community (Schwarz & Caplan,
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