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Medical Services Medical services in Namibia are of a very high standard. However, the availability of most services is restricted to the main towns. Emergencies and accidents occurring in remote areas do attract a high cost when transport to the main towns is required. Host establishments should be able to organize these services when requested. Vaccinations There are no mandatory vaccinations for travelers from Europe. If you arrive from a country where yellow fever vaccinations are mandatory, proof of immunization is required. Take the usual precautions: ask your doctor whether you should renew your vaccinations against polio, diphtheria and tetanus. It also may be advisable to take precautions against Hepatitis A and B. Unfortunately…show more content…
Symptoms The characteristic symptoms of malaria are similar to those of diarrhea or flu: high fever with shivering fits, headache and aching limbs, severe sweating and dizziness. Malaria can certainly be treated if recognized early, but without treatment it can become life threatening. Incubation for the disease is four to six weeks. Should you experience cold-like symptoms during this period see a doctor immediately. Precautions Although there is no vaccine against malaria, several prophylactic medicines are available, including homeopathic ones. In most European countries, malaria prophylaxis is available on prescription only, but in Namibia they’re sold over the counter and often costs less than overseas. Usually you need to start taking the tablets one week before you travel to a malaria area and continue for four weeks afterwards. Should you notice any of the symptoms despite taking prophylaxis, you should still see a doctor without delay. Some malaria tablets are known to cause nausea, illusions and upset stomachs, while others have little side effects albeit at a higher cost. With this in mind, many people discard the prophylaxis and rely on the most effective protection, which is avoiding mosquito bites

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