Voltaire's Candide: Mistreatment Of Women

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Eula Biss reasons that people need to act collectively in order to truly inoculate themselves from their fears. “If vaccination can be conscripted into acts of war, it can still be instrumental in works of love.”, she says as she realizes that people are delineating the good from the bad of vaccinations. Connections between these two are inevitable, and it is when people register them do they begin to act collectively. One example, in Voltaire’s Candide, he exposes the mistreatment of women through satire in his setting of hypocritical optimism of their France during the Age of Enlightenment. Scherr Arthur in his essay, Voltaire's 'Candide': a tale of women's equality, read further to discovered that Voltaire took many inspirations from women.…show more content…
Truly, Voltaire serves to inoculate France from its own vices. While it is during Enlightenment that this book is possible, it is not difficult to believe that Biss’ message could have significance in our modern society through her metaphors of vaccinations, love, and war. As a matter of fact, the modern era adds to the credibility of Biss’ message. Gun control and mass shootings are a hot, widely debated topic in America. John Lott, in his essay How to Stop Mass Shootings, explains that most shooting could have been stopped if America allows “shall-issue laws” to ones who apply and are eligible. Written in 1998, it gives empirical data to suggest that the ones who bear concealed carry permits protect the lives of many officers and workers, mothers and fathers, and children and infants. Dealing directly out of the protection of others, these carriers tend to be ex-cops and trusted members of society. Biss uses her metaphor of vaccination from the dangerous pathogens of soon-to-be murderers versus the immune concealed-carriers in order to push her message with efficacy. And, it
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