Vaccination Informative Essay

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Vaccinations have been proven to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but due to personal or religious belief, there are individuals who have refused to vaccinate their child and therefore put the public at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines have helped stop the exposures to deadly diseases. Prior to the discovery of vaccine, vaccine preventable disease outbreak killed thousands of people around the world each year, but for those who survived the disease lived with life long complications.
The most devastating disease that killed a drastic amount of innocent lives throughout the century is smallpox. According to the World Health Organization, “smallpox is an ancient disease caused by the variola virus.”(WHO). The symptoms are fever, fatigue, bumps with white fluid it occurs 7-17 days after exposures. There is no cure for
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The New York Times revealed five infant deaths related to whooping cough and all under the age of three months old. These infants were not vaccinated against pertussis, which meant they had higher risk of disease exposures (New York Times). Pertussis is a preventable disease, if the child gets vaccinated. It’s been five year since the death of the five infants in California, but cases of whooping cough climbs each year due to refusal of vaccination. Vaccination should be required for all children enter school or daycare facilities because the risk of exposures is way higher than the side effects of a vaccine. Not only does it protects a community but prevent the return of a vaccine preventable disease, such as polio and measles. The people who are against vaccinating their child need to be educated more about how vaccines can protect their child lives and others. When a parent refuses due to philosophical reasons they must attend a course of the risk of not vaccinating their child. A parent should be required to do so every year that they refuse to
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