Vaccination Pros And Cons

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Vaccination coverage has been expanding for some decades, and the experiment for creating new vaccines have been conducted yet. There are approximately more than 60 kinds of vaccinations, and they can prevent 25 infectious diseases. The vaccination is advertised an effective way to develop immune system, so the people who are not over 18 years old are recommended to inoculate 15 kinds of vaccines to enhance own immunity. On the other hand, serious side effects caused by vaccinations became a social issue a couple years ago. Some people who are vaccinated reported side effects such as body convulsion, joint pain, and fever, it results that people have a question for the necessity of vaccination. This issue has been discussed on a global scale,…show more content…
This position has drawn many supporters for a few main reasons, one of them is the possibility of protecting many people from infectious diseases. Most vaccinations are used to develop immune system in the body for preventing from disease that can be transmitted such as Influenza and Human papillomavirus. In addition, vaccines can help to avoid disease such as tetanus. In a recent research about immunization coverage, World Health Organization (WHO) points out that about 2 to 3 million people can avoid death because of immunization. If the global vaccination coverage improves, the additional 1.5 million deaths could be avoided. (WHO. 2018) Therefore, immunization is helpful for all generations, especially infants who do not have enough immunity, to protect them from serious…show more content…
The document about vaccine ingredients released by CDC shows that most vaccines use aluminum because it enhances the immune response. The small amount of aluminum could be the maximum dose by accustoming, and it could be toxic. According to the William (2003), “aluminum toxicity is difficult to identify in infants because few reliable techniques are available to evaluate bone metabolism in premature infants.” Infants are recommended to inoculate some kinds of vaccination to develop immunity, but it is impossible for parents to confirm how much aluminum contained in recommended vaccines might stay and predict how harmful it is. Consequently, aluminum accustomed in a body by inoculating vaccines could bring about harmful influence for

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