Vaccination Rates In Mullumbimby

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A recent study by the National Health Performance Authority has confirmed that vaccination rates in Mullumbimby are lower than that of South Sudan. It has been revealed that the Anti-Vax hotspot has a vaccination rate of just 52%, making it the lowest vaccinated area in Australia. Mullumbimby is a hot spot for “Conscious Objectors” who follow “Anthroposophy” spiritual teaching and a holistical way of life said Mullumbimby day care educator Karoline Carnefors. There is beliefs and concerns that vaccinations are doing more harm than good. Anti Vax supporter John Miller says, “I don’t think it’s necessary to put poison in our children” “Our choice to not vaccinate is our belief of holistical healing and prevention. A healthy mind and spirit…show more content…
These belief systems are a great concern to parents who follow the compulsory vaccination schedule. Dr Karen Plant said, “The low rates mean a loss of ‘herd immunity’ which exposes those too young or ill, such as babies to be vaccinated, to disease and infection, which Mullumbimby has already been exposed to in the past” of the risks of low vaccination in communities. Mullumbimby mothers Toni Mcaffree both lost a child, to the Whooping Cough after an outbreak in the between 2009- 2013. Mother and Health Care worker Kalee Suthers, “They were to young to be vaccinated, so they relied on the rest of the community to be vaccinated to offer protection, but numbers wernt high enough” said when speaking of the deaths of the two babies. However, the anti-vax lobbies and groups believe that the “risks of vaccine outweigh the benefits, despite what science says” Mrs Suthers said.. “They have a strong belief that the pharma industry or the government is out to get them” she added. Ms Stephanie Messenger talks of her concerns of vaccinating children in her recent book “Melanie’s Marvellous
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