Vaccination Research Paper

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Introduction Significance of Vaccinations The significance of vaccinations is the impact on public society. The spread and prevention of disease affect the public’s safety making it a controversial issue. Purpose of Investigation Getting vaccinated is a controversial issue that affects the public’s safety. How do vaccinations affect a society? Disease prevention is sought after in communities, but preventing disease through vaccines is controversial. Comparison The essay compares the effects of vaccinations in Colorado and Mississippi. Colorado offers exemptions to vaccinations while in Mississippi exemptions are not offered. Ethnographic Comparison Colorado is northern in the country which corresponds with the state being more …show more content…

In a medical article, Baeyens informs doctors that parents and children need to become educated on the vaccination benefits because the tendency of unvaccinated individuals to be diagnosed with a preventable disease is high. The reason for people not getting vaccinated is the lack of communication between the public health and social workers about the benefits. Baeyens states that, “Many of the reasons... for not getting vaccinated are based upon ignorance of the true facts...or unfounded fears.” People are not getting vaccinated because they are not aware of the potential risks or benefits that they pose. Communication between these people and the health care services would provide information about immunization which could lead to more people accepting it. With the information provided, people would be educated about the vaccination …show more content…

Federal Law does not require children to be vaccinated, but it is up to the states to decide if children must be vaccinated in order for a child to enroll at school. Diekema states that, “All but two states allow... personal belief exemption from school vaccination requirements.” Most states offer a personal belief exemption which allows parents to enroll their children in school without getting them vaccinated. Not getting children vaccinated poses as a danger to the other students if one child who has not been vaccinated gets a contagious disease. Vaccinations have had an impact in preventing infectious

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