Vaccination Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Should Students Attending School Be Required To Get Vaccinated? Frequent debates take place in clinics all over the world about vaccinating children. Why is it necessary to vaccinate? How much will it cost? What are the risks and side effects? These are commonly asked questions from parents to doctors and nurses, questioning whether or not to fully vaccinate their child. Each year before school begins, students prepare for the new school year. Children planning to attend school swarm stores all across America with their parents to buy school supplies, backpacks, and new clothes. After school supply shopping, they may visit with a pediatrician. Students rush to their doctor’s office to get a check-up, a physical, and the dreaded vaccinations to avoid having their registration denied. From the painful tetanus shots to prevent bacterial illnesses, to the less painful flu shot to fight off…show more content…
He came home from his summer job one day with a high fever, achy joints, and a rash. Fourteen hours after the appearance of his symptoms, Ryan’s heart stopped. He had not been vaccinated, although it was available. His mother has regretted not vaccinating him every day since Ryan’s sudden death (Cunningham 49). Although his school did not require him to be vaccinated at the time, would he be dead today if it had? Although not all viruses and diseases are contagious, many of them are. One example of this would be the flu. The flu is very contagious among children, especially among school students. In schools, students are exposed to millions of germs on a daily basis. No matter how many times a day we wash our hands, if not vaccinated, we can catch the flu. When flu season comes around, teachers constantly remind their students to wash their hands and to be cautious of what they touch. In schools where vaccinations are required by state law, the flu is not as common but can still
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