Vaccination Vs Public Health Essay

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Immunization has helped the United States of America improve global health since 1796. It defends the person being vaccinated by injecting an antigen into their body. This way, if the any germs enter the body, the immunization will kill them instantly. Community wellness is best because there are some Americans who cannot get immunized, it prevents new and old diseases from forming and it increases the chance of living a healthier life. First, a large portion of the American population cannot afford vaccines these days. Dr. Rodewald acknowledges, “when you choose not to get vaccinated you are not just making a choice for yourself but also for the person next to you.” (Individual Rights vs. Public Health: The Vaccination Debate. Paragraph: 6.) Basically, Dr. Rodewald is saying that Americans need to think about themselves, but also how their choice will affect the people around them. If Americans are not immunized, they can make others prone to contagious diseases and this can…show more content…
Donna Bradshaw says, “the more immunity we have in a community the better it is.” (Frontline: The Vaccine War. 45:56-45:59.) Bradshaw is saying that if every American gets vaccinated then infections from spreading could be stopped and a lot of lives could be potentially saved. The past has shown that vaccines have helped eradicate many diseases such as; poliomyelitis. In addition, Mahesh Vidual, explains that in 1987 at Colorado School it was said that “unvaccinated children infected 11% of vaccinated students.” (Individual Rights vs. Public Health: The Vaccination Debate. Paragraph: 6.) Basically, Vidual is saying that the population needs to vaccinate to stop the diseases from growing. Looking back at history, it is said that if Americans get a vaccination, they do not only avoid getting the disease themselves but might also spread it to others. Ultimately, immunity can also eliminate many different diseases from being
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