Vaccinations Mandatory

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The government should make vaccinations mandatory for each person throughout the United States of America. Mostly parents assume vaccines will always cause autism. Vaccines are important because they keep people alive. Vaccinations go way back to the 1920s and they were few that would work until generation kept growing and more diseases were cured. The government should make vaccinations mandatory for each person throughout the United States of America. The “WHO” made sure that vaccinations were safe and secure for curable diseases. Vaccinations can prevent the illness or a person can not get the disease as bad versus people who do not get the vaccinations. Once flu season comes that person will be safe or be a little bit sick, but totally…show more content…
Vaccines are made from all different ingredients and if a concern parent is involved in vaccinations then the parent should know everything about the vaccination. For example if a child has a allergic reaction to the shot but does not cause autism, he just gets light headed or a few bumps then maybe those are side effects. Side effects are better because the child may feel ill for a few days but that does not mean he will have autism or some form of it Nelson states the “WHO and other aid organizations helped to drive home the necessity of controlling diseases in developing countries” (Nelson 712). The World Health Organization controls the diseases and tries to not cause autism to children. Scientist also study the rates and ratios on vaccines too. Looking over the rates of recommended vaccinations for children are most important as well. Parents need proof if they do not believe the doctors or nurses when they recommend or suggest a certain vaccine to keep their child alive, Nesson argues that “ Parents often blame their religious or moral to not vaccine”. When religious gets involved it makes a mess out of the argumentations of the beliefs the “Rates of children receiving the highest recommended vaccines- diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and measles- have remained steady” gets more tricking because the parents believe their religion but the same time they want desperately for their child to be healthy so most turn their back at look at recommendations and ratios. The most common in any parents’ concerned brain is the how the rates show up on the charts. Not just parents, any Parent Guardian will deny medication and there are always questions and good points on the Cons side of
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