Vaccinations: Public Health Concerns

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Kmetz 1 Staci Kmetz Mr.Karwatsky Freshman Seminar, Per.1 17 January, 2017 Vaccinations, a public health concern, should be enforced for every age group as it prevents dangerous even deadly infections with the body’s natural defense to help develop immunity to disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is highly and recommended to immunizations for people of all ages (CDC). Believing myths of immunization in the core is the problem. As more and more people choose to not vaccinate will begin to start battling diseases that we have conquered years ago (CDC). Immunizations cause a huge public concern. Let’s start with what the basic vaccination is. When you accept or receive one in its place of immunity of the…show more content…
Before the rotavirus vaccine, the rotavirus caused 55,000 - 70,000 hospitalizations yearly (McPhee and Papadakis 4). In the world these days people just do not have the money to get sick. Being ill is a major inconvenience in our society. It not only puts your life on hold, but it then stops you and your family from accomplishing your daily…show more content…
While only they are putting their children at great risk with no shots (Hay). Immunizations have prevented 90% of diseases in the world these days are from spreading (CDC). Parents need to see specialized people for any type of misinformed questions that they have on vaccinations. Today, even though people think that vaccinations are required at a certain age in school, as they should be there are exemptions from them (CDC). People do use religious and opinionated excuses to prevent their children from becoming vaccinated. Parents and guardians believe myths and Facebook posts instead of well educated doctors to determine if their child should be vaccinated. This is a huge mistake! By not vaccinating your children properly you are not only putting them at risk, but the people around them that they encounter daily (CDC). Parents should not be able to make up an uneducated excuse to keep their children from being properly vaccinated. Immunizations need to be completely required for students to attend a public school in order to keep their local community disease
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