Vaccine Persuasive Essay

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In the previous paper there was on the topic of the safety of getting vaccinated. I would like to offer my own opinion, and research to back it up. Vaccines are beneficial to you, and everyone around you. They prevent the spread of disease and are almost always able to work immediately, with minimal health risk compared to the actual virus. The main concern people seem to have on the subject is the nonexistent risk factor of vaccines being the lead cause of chromosomal mutation in young children. Aka, autism,
This case however has been studied, and disproven by renowned scientists around the world with various studies. At this point this rumor’s spread can only be accounted for lack of updated knowledge on the subject. Personally it is my
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Imagine this: you are in a crowded workplace, and you are carrying a flu virus. You do not know this, as the virus is currently dormant and the genes not yet active. Now imagine that everyone else in the workplace has the same logic as you. Vaccines cause autism. Every single person in that workplace has potentially contracted this pathogen. This is where the domino effect begins. They go meet with other people, whether it be friends, family, or just going out shopping. They are now spreading the pathogen to people without the vaccine and are quickly spreading the disease. This is all because of an unfounded rumor that carries too much weight.
The final point; the science of a vaccine.
Vaccines are weakened viruses with no defenses, and ability to fight against the body it is being injected into. Thus, the white blood cells- or guards- of your body can easily destroy it and use its own DNA against it to form a defense against that strand. Now, there is no possibility of you ever being affected by this particular strand ever again. You are immune.
The way I see it the only counter arguments against this ultimately are laziness, or selfishness. Hopefully this article has given you some insight on the world of medicine, or better yet taught you to think past these unsupported rumors that plague our society. Thank you for reading my letter,
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