Vaccines Should Be Mandatory

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If you look at the ddecline in rates of death from diseases before vaccines compared to diseases being prevented from immunizations now, it would be absurd not to take the 30 seconds it takes to receive the vaccines that prevent those diseases. Right now, vaccine-preventable diseases are at the lowest that they have ever been. With these proven facts, yet we still have some of the population that refuses vaccines. Not for religious or medical purposes, but just because they refuse to get vaccinated for personal preferences. Not only does these choices affect them, but their own children as well. People who are not vaccinated can spread diseases to people who cannot receive immunizations such as infants, people with medical conditions that are unable to tolerate the vaccine, and people with religious beliefs against them. Unvaccinated people threaten the people in this population because of their personal choice. Safety of vaccines…show more content…
Extensive studies are done to ensure the safety of the vaccines we are able to receive today. You would think that after all the benefits that immunizations have given us, it would mandatory to get them to keep our population safe. Should vaccines be mandatory in the United states? People not getting vaccinated are a problem because it can increase the chances of spreading diseases. However, many people believe that getting vaccinated is an individual choice. I believe people should be mandated to get vaccines because it protects the entire population as well as the people who are enable to receive

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