Vaclav And Lena Analysis

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Haley Tanner’s “Vaclav and Lena” is a novel that has its unique ways of connecting to the readers’ past and their personalities. Its plot might not be related to anything people here in this country might have experienced, but the minute details that the book introduces can really stand out to anyone who comes across them. These little details all revolve around the relationship between two Russian born children, Vaclav and Lena. They grew together as a two peas in a pod but their innocence and ignorance soon leads them into separate paths. It was the day when “Lena, who has been his only friend wince they were small, does not want to be seen with him” (41). Being brushed aside like this is far from heartbreaking. As I read that paragraph, more than once,…show more content…
With even a little change, things seem to be so wrong all of a sudden. This doesn’t seem surprising to me because it must really feel natural for Vaclav to have Lena by his side. And just the thought of losing her seems like something out of fantasy. I have been there before, and like Vaclav, a little bit of relief seems to fill me so much joy that I don’t even notice how much I’ve lost. When I met her the first time, I didn’t see much in her, but that was just for a short time. I began to love how nice she was, and how much laughter she could give her friends, and looking back at it, I wouldn’t have known that a random new girl would soon be my best friend. I completely changed after that. A hand needs another to be whole and her hands seemed to have perfectly fit in mine. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there without me even realizing it. Her parents looked me in my eyes like I was a parasite who might try to steal their daughter. The only people they seemed to like were her friends who’ve been with her for years, like siblings. I might have not realized this right away but when I did, it was a little too late for me, after what I had
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