Vacp Bundle Case Study

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Risk for Infection Next, by implementing the VAP bundle, it did help to prevent further decline. All aspects of the bundle should be continued; the Heparin, sequential compression devices, oral care, Pepcid, and all other bundle activities. Having the head of the bed up was essential to prevent VAP, but it did end up making her body move to the foot of the bed. Pillows were used to help keep her further up and off the side of the bed. The wedges might have been more efficient to place under the bottom of the patient, to help double as pressure relief and to keep her up in the bed. She was previously diagnosed with pneumonia, so it was not associated with ventilation and she was being treated for this with Vancomycin and Piperacillin-tazobactam,…show more content…
Her medical diagnosis of ARDS from overdosing and pneumonia are the cause of her deteriorating condition. Then, it moves on to the first two primary nursing diagnoses of impaired gas exchange and risk for infection, followed by the lower ranked ones of impaired tissue integrity, anxiety, and finally decrease cardiac output. The case study then explored her expected outcomes, the interventions used for her primary two nursing diagnoses with literature reviews, and finally an evaluation of the plan of care. The learning from this patient is that it is not our place as nurses and medical personnel to judge, but to treat with fairness and compassion. It is easy to look down on this patient for her chronic illnesses that affect her long-term health, but she needs help, and now may never be back to her pre-hospitalized state. The patient is anxious and has a history of mental health issues, and it truly tests you as a nurse to see her fighting the ventilator and being unable to sedate. It is shown just how hard nursing care can be, but in the end it is our job to give competent care and this will be carried out with all future patients. This patient has a long road ahead for recovery, and may still have lasting debilitating effects in the
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