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6. Assessment on awareness, acceptance and utilisation of customised vaginal cone in pelvic floor dysfunction among rural women 6.1 Introduction Being healthy women is important to have good reproductive health. In developing countries the reproductive health problems constitute the leading cause of ill health in women of all ages and this is not has been addressed extensively. Ignoring these treatable conditions often leads to distressful situations. Rural women will get exposed to poorer health care facility or atleast they will attain basic health care from primary health care centers in rural areas. Due to economical constraints and lack of support they will not go ahead to the tertiary care hospital to get advanced health care…show more content…
The questionnaire contains twenty questions under 4 domains namely- awareness, usefulness, acceptance and affordability. The following questions about the awareness about the conservative management available for treating pelvic floor dysfunction, the vaginal cone picture was given in the questionnaire to identify, any discomfort in the vagina , difficulties in handling the vaginal cone while exercising or sterilizing, any personal problems with the family members, negative suggestions , recommending the vaginal cone to others, the satisfaction about the treatment, whether the symptoms are resolved and the improvement in the quality of the life is achieved, reluctance towards using vaginal cone, dauntless to purchase vaginal cone from pharmacy, affordability, worth of buying the vaginal cone were asked and the pros and cons of the customised vaginal cone was assessed. 6.2.2 Statistical analysis . The women were divided into two groups above forty years and below forty years. There are twenty six reproductive age women between eighteen to forty years and thirty four peri and post menopausal age women between forty one to sixty five years in the group. Each domain was assessed in three categories as good, average and below average. Chi square test was used to analyze the data. 6.3…show more content…
These equipments need continuous monitoring the patients cannot use it on their own. Whereas the vaginal cone doesnot need any supervision. In these aspects the vaginal cone took precedence over all other equipment. All the managements are proven to be effective but the availability and cost effectiveness of such devices are questionable for individuals. These devices can be utilized from the hospitals for which the patient need to go to hospital daily for minimum of forty five days to one hundred and twenty days maximum because training of pelvic floor takes much time. This makes the patient to discontinue the treatment.These devices are not readily available in India, need to be imported. This will be expensive for the women from weak economical background. For this reason the participants found the customised vaginal cone is affordable as spirometer and

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