Vail Valley Dental Care Case Study

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(Why Choose Us) Family Dentistry in Avon, CO Vail Valley Dental Care is a patient-centered, family-oriented practice centrally located in Eagle County. We provide exceptional, affordable dental care in a relaxing, comfortable environment. Dr. Maloley uses the latest technology and equipment for the best patient experience. Whether you need toothache relief or teeth replacement, our team ensures that your visit is always pleasant. We want you and your family to look forward to their dental care at our Avon office! Patient-Centered Practice Our patients are our top priority. Members of our staff get to know each patient and treat them like a member of their own family. We make dentistry fun with newsletters, iPad giveaways, and new patient…show more content…
Choosing the right toothbrush is a very important oral health care decision. Thankfully, it is not difficult to find an effective toothbrush. The only factors that really matter are size and the firmness of the bristle. It is essential that you choose a toothbrush that fits your mouth. A toothbrush that is too small can be ineffective, while a toothbrush that is too big is not only ineffective, but it also could also injure the soft tissue inside your mouth. For most adults, the ideal toothbrush has a head that is one inch long by a half inch across. This will provide adequate surface coverage when cleaning your teeth, but still allow you to reach the back of your mouth to get those hard-to-reach molars. Unless your Avon, CO dentist tells you otherwise, a soft-bristle brush is ideal for cleaning your teeth without damaging your enamel or injuring your gums. Hard bristles are unnecessary in most cases; they can be dangerous and cause more problems than they solve. How do I know if I need dental…show more content…
Even if you are extremely diligent in your home oral hygiene routines, you will still need the help of a dental professional, like the ones at Vail Valley Dental Care. We have the training and equipment to diagnose and treat oral health ailments you may not even know to look for. For example, some forms of oral cancer are extremely hard to spot, and the early stages of gum disease may not have any obvious symptoms. In these cases, Dr. Maloley and his crew will be able to help you catch these issues before they become serious health threats. So if nothing else, you need to visit our office in Avon, CO for regular cleanings and examinations, just to make sure you stay

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