Vale Amor Meus: A Short Story

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Vale Amor Meus They say that true love comes to those who wait, but, Izuku would beg to differ. He had been waiting for years, been waiting for Kacchan to realize that the reason why Izuku was always following him, why he’s always there for him, is because they are connected by that red string that which seemingly mocks him every time he sees it. Nothing hurts more than being rejected time and time again by the person you’re fated to be with. If only, Izuku thinks as he gets lost in his thoughts, tears rolling down his damp, red cheeks. If only I can’t see this damn thing. If only I can choose not to feel like this, god, why is this so hard? And people said everyone deserves a happy ending. Bullshit. -- “Hey, Deku!” Comes Kacchan’s harsh…show more content…
—treats him. He takes a deep breath, “Yes, Kacchan?” he says, a small strained smile evident on his face. Katsuki seems taken aback for a second, but whatever emotion it was that flashed in his eyes, Izuku would never know. “You—” The teen halts, suddenly realizing that he doesn’t really know why he approached the smaller…show more content…
Izuku notices the tired look his friend has, along with the dark circles under his eyes that seemed more prominent today. “What did you do!?” Katsuki hisses, voice coming out rather broken. Heck, he doesn’t even know why he’s asking Izuku such question, and why Izuku, of all people. Then again, he himself knows that somehow, everything leads him back to fucking Midoriya Izuku. Izuku didn’t want to think too much about it though. “Kacchan,” Surprisingly, Izuku’s voice came out rather calm. He places a hand on Katsuku’s chest, gently pushing him back. “I’m sorry … but I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.” Katsuki’s next words dies in his mouth when he notices that he can no longer see himself in those green eyes. Astonished and frozen on his spot, Izuku takes it as his chance to fully get away from the other. He’s still within Katsuki’s reach, but somehow, it feels like Izuku’s miles away. What have you done? Katsuki wants to ask, but Izuku’s already bowing, intent on leaving him behind. And at the end, all Katsuki could do was reach out for the person he never though would vanish just like

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