Valentine's Day Persuasive Speech

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Why do you think it is important to celebrate valentine’s day? In your opinion, would you still keep celebrating valentine’s day or would you want to stop celebrating it, why or why not? Five main points: -$18 billion has been spent on valentine’s day - valentine’s day was originally created after the person named valentine - the idea of packaging chocolates in fancy boxes came from Richard Cadbury -the amount of money spent to buy gifts for pets is $703 million -each American spent an average of $136.57 on the holiday. This article, “how valentine’s day became a commercial juggernaut” is written by Meera Dolasia. I think that the author is trying to tell you how much money Americans usually spend on valentine’s day, they might be trying to tell you how this may affect the economy, in a positive…show more content…
The average money spent on pets are 26 dollars for a person. About 19% of valentine’s day money is spent for pets, also each year, people enter photos of their pets to try to win pet products. People say that “pets love us unconditionally, so it's no surprise many pet parents treat their dogs like another member of the family” says Brandi Gonzales. Something weird is that people set social media accounts for their pets. People also love their pets a lot because their pets keep them company and play with them. It also relieves the humans from stress. People believe in 2 legends about valentine’s day, the two legends all have 2 people named valentine. One of the legends is in the third century of Rome and valentine was a priest. Emperor Claudius II was the current king and he outlawed marriage. Valentine defied Claudius and held weddings in secret when Valentine was discovered, he was killed. Another version was that Valentine was helping slaves escape from prisons, but the king caught him and put him in jail, he saw a pretty girl and wrote a paper “to your
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