Why Do Students Need Standardized Testing?

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Throughout the United States the government has given grants to states who participate in standardized testing. So, it’s a no brainer as to why Virginia participates in them. Ralph Northam’s constituents would be infuriated if he made the decision to remove standardized testing and lose the grant. Students spend so much time preparing to pass these state-wide tests but are also expected to study for final exams in all of their classes. Final exams shouldn’t have to be taken unless the student fails a standardized test or isn’t in good academic standing with that specific class. Other reasons that students shouldn’t have to test are that people don’t test well, the class is over and students will not get an opportunity to correct their mistakes, and in the real-world tests aren’t administered, projects are given. Some teachers and parents insist that their children or students need to take as many tests…show more content…
If the student hasn’t retained enough knowledge of the subject thus far then the damage is already done. Through staggered learning the student would have to retain some if not most information from a previous unit to get through the next. One test shouldn’t be the only statistic about whether or not their students have acquired the knowledge they need to move on to the next rung in the ladder. The only times a final exam should be administered is if the student has not proven they are capable of moving forward or they fail a standardized test. The grade set for the students to be considered eligible to move on shouldn’t be too low given the fact that some children choose to float by rather than truly learn. The final exam will be a last resort to help that child not get set back and have to retake the class whether it was a core class or an
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