Valley Forge Military Academy

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Valley Forge Military Academy is basically a rehabilitation camp for those who believe the rules of their parents or the law don’t abide by them. With its name comes the very definition of what it is, a Military Academy. Valley Forge has ranks in their units just as normal military system would, especially for their lesser ranks. The lowest of the Academy is called a plebe. According to Valley Forge plebes are lower than nothing. “We are the same now. We are nothing. In fact, we were less than nothing.”(pg 91). Plebes were constantly made up of those who either were delinquents or those who are just starting to turn bad. They were treated with disrespect, the same way and possibly even harsher than they treated others before. Valley Forge…show more content…
They want to see you grow up to be respectful of those around you; to give you more opportunities than you could have had if you continued to show disrespect and no remorse for those around you. They put you through painstaking tasks that you would have to complete before the sun rose and after it fell. However only certain type of people will understand these meanings and more. For those who show more of a liking to the Military Academy, they tend to be more of those who want to change and show respect to those they have hurt. They feel sorrow, remorse and even pain themselves for what they have done. Even the ones who are totally scared can be the ones who like it just to not be picked on so much. Yet, not everyone will be that type of person. For the ones who don’t take a liking to Valley Forge, are the ones who don’t show respect for anyone, “As silence finally returned to my room, I moved my hand from my eyes and calmly spoke: “Man, if you don’t get out of my room…”(pg 87). They want to feel in charge all the time and anytime they want. Feelings as if they don’t need to do anything for anyone. These people are just having a tendency to show off and even not care for anything, anyone says or does. It
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