Valley Of Ashes Great Gatsby Analysis

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This quote describes how depressing and gloomy the valley of ashes looks. By the author, Fitzgerald, bringing in the valley of ashes to the story, it lets the reader know that the will book will have dark or sad moments in it. The use of the word “ashes” in the valley of ashes entails that it is a place of death and sadness. Later in the book, the valley of ashes would be involved in the death of Myrtle and became the place where the story has its turning point. The valley of ashes also represents the living status of the lower class.

This quote shows Gatsby’s dark thoughts during his time away from Daisy during World War I. During this time, Gatsby becomes overwhelmed with his problems and seeks an escape through death. Later in the story, Gatsby’s wish to die was granted when the reader realized that his dream to live with Daisy was over. In addition, the reader also realizes that Gatsby has lost his main purpose in life. This quote also show his willingness to die and how he is not afraid of
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When no one else showed up to the funeral it shows that all of his “friends” weren’t really his friends. Even though he was well known, he never had any true connections with anybody except Nick. Even though he was an influential person, no one really missed him. The fact that after his life ended, no one was really there for him and the brings a dark aspect to the resolution of the story.

The colors black, grey, and lack of color have a variety of meanings in the book The Great Gatsby. The color black, alone, symbolizes death and sorrow. The color grey represents the grey area between characters’ relationships and the ashes that engulf the valley of ashes. The lack of color represents the lack of positive emotions in the grim moments. These colors appear in the book I the most depressing or dark parts of the book. Overall, the involvement of these colors helps the reader connect to gloomy
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