Valley Systems Matt Tucker Company Valley Center Case

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In this case, the president and chief executive officer of Valley Systems Matt Tucker notices that his company cannot get the target this quarter. There is a solution which is those larger orders were moved forward so that they shipped in the current quarter, however, choices always have consequences, if they decide do things like that their customers will face different problems. For instance, several small orders would have to be pushed from the existing quarter to the following one, forcing these companies awaiting product to deal with the inconvenience associated with delay, while the customers who have larger orders would be required to pay their products earlier. As a result, the ethical dilemma in this case they will face is reputation…show more content…
The influence will be different, it depends on the purpose of these products. For example, if these products are used to produce other products, it will cause their products cannot produce in time and it will let their timetable disorganize. However, if these products are important for them which means this timetable cannot be disorganized. They have to find a new supply of goods, and maybe cost more money for the same products (means it will let their cost raise). In addition, if they cannot find supply of goods, and their products have to provide to their customers, they will face reputation risk too. The worst case is that it will break their relationship of cooperation, and it will be a vicious circle. To the customers who have larger orders, they have to pay money for these products earlier, which means they require to prepare money for them and no plan for these products’ purpose. As a result, these products will probably be put in the warehouse until the time of using them (2) If Tucker and his team do not make this decision, it will affect themselves and their shareholders, because they cannot get the target this

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