Valley Uprising: Movie Analysis

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Upon first glance, a movie about rock climbing sounded like a snooze fest; even worse, writing about it sounded like torture. However, after watching the movie that statement is the furthest thing from the truth. The movie Valley Uprising, entailed all the things that a box office hit would have. It was stimulating, exciting, and motivating. This documentary possessed all of the qualities of a must see movie.
The movie was presented in an evolutionary sequence. The background of rock climbing was presented first, along with the complementary contributing climbers. A narration, from the actual climbers, in present time, was a stimulating addition to the movie. This gave the audience a sense of relation; being able to know the mindset of those climbers, was crucial. It can be noted that most documentaries have the actual people present, however; in those cases, most are being questioned, not actually narrating. In Valley Uprising the real climbers acted as the narrators; they explained what was going on in each scene via real time; this took the audience to an intimate level with the movie.
Rock climbing alone did not sound like
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This movie taught a valuable lesson; just keep climbing. Despite all of the odds being stacked against these climbers. they kept climbing. Even when they were facing the unknown; they kept climbing. When shown death; they kept climbing. Despite the punishment that was bound to follow; they kept climbing. These guys unknowingly presented the greatest testimony of persistence. When things got tough; they kept climbing. At one point in the movie a year had lapsed and they continued to try and try again until they reached the top. These climbers never once became complacent. At times it seemed, they had climbed every inch of Yosemite Park, and there was nothing left for them to do, yet they did not pack up and go home. They began to challenge themselves further by creating new ways of
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