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In 1987 Sian Kingi aged 12 was abducted, raped, strangled and stabbed before she was murdered. Valmae Beck, also known as Fay Cramb was born in 1944, in Western Australia. In a previous relationship Valmae had six children that she all abandoned before leaving and marrying Barrie Watts. Barrie Watts, also from Western Australia was born in 1954. On November 27, 1987 Barrie Watts and Valmae Beck lurked around Noosa headlines seeking for a young girl to be in Watts’s possession. Watt’s had told Beck of his desire to be the first and last sexual partner of a young girl, which Beck agreed to help him with. They watched for a young girl whom was under the age of 13, and had to be a virgin. They saw many young girls but, all that were accompanied by someone else until they came across a young blue eyed blonde, who filled Watt’s forever fantasies, Sian Kingi. Sian Kingi was riding her bike home near Pinnaroo Park when Valmae Beck appeared and approached her, asking if Sian could assist in helping find her ‘so’ lost poodle. Sian agreed and was lured towards Becks car as Barrie Watts appeared from behind grabbing Sian and forcing her into the car. They drove her 12…show more content…
In prison Beck applied for parole three times, all being unsuccessful, and had her non-parole period extended by 18 months for assisting in the disposal of the body of another victim. During Becks time during prison she was targeted frequently, leading to many injuries forcing Beck to move to a safer environment. During the decision made on Valmae Beck the retributive theory of punishment was most taken into consideration. The retributive theory seeks to punish offenders because they deserve to be punished. The Jury of Becks case came to a decision of Valmae Beck being ‘unrecoverable’ where Beck needs to deserve the punishment of life for all her
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