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Write a 1500 word Case Study Analysis by answering the following questions: 1. What was the transformation that took place at Valpak? Valpak was a traditional marketing organization with low output efficiency which impacted its demand from its consumers. . The company decided to implement agile/Kanban methodologies to their daily work. The initiative started from their IT department which strived to improve the efficiency of their team and simultaneously improve the relationship with its stake holders. Soon the agile methodology became the core business tactics and culture which helped the company to improve the gaps in the processes for unplanned work, low output efficiency and sustain the consumer demand. Valpak used sprints with duration of two week to achieve the output of a…show more content…
What types of Agile methodologies were used at Valpak? Valpak used various methodologies within agile to achieve their goals. Firstly, scrum was used within its project management frame work and product development within its IT department. Secondly, in order to improve the communication within the project teams “Kanban” was used. Lastly, “advanced architecture Kanban” was used to improve the relationships within the project teams in their daily…show more content…
Once the agile methodologies were established the teams had a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and their input required for the sprints and standup’s. Due to complete integration with the agile framework thee teams were able keep on track with the sprits for two weeks. Secondly, the biggest challenge would be communicate and collaborate cross functional teams. Introduction of agile with the project management helped the team understand the cross functional dependencies and inputs required. This help to harmonize and

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