Value And Values Of Sex Education

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Sex education is a lifelong development of strong and positive outlook towards sexual health through the process of obtaining right information, practices, relationship and intimacy. The term sex education is often used to demonstrate human sexual composition, reproductive health, sexual contact, contraception and various other characteristics of sexual activities. It addresses all issues regarding sexuality and it’s a complex subject. It’s not limited to classroom instruction but application of the knowledge in everyday life. Anything in this curriculum which informs and prepares the child for his role in life, his relationship to others, facts about health habits, personal development, interest in work etc., is unquestionably preparing him for family living and therefore can be described as sex education (McManus, 1967). Hence Sex education, if rightly understood can lead to responsible parenthood, stable family life and socially accepted behavior.
1. Attitudes toward Sex Education and Values in Sex Education This article was written by Marsman J, & Herold E, published in July 1986. This survey was conducted in a four schools in the district of southern Ontario, Canada. 130 mothers of school children were the subjects of study. Simple random sampling procedure was used and questionnaires were mailed to the mothers. The objective was to understand the perspectives of mothers in relation to the teaching of sex education and values attached to it. The findings of the study
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