Value Based Healthcare Marketing Strategy

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How Value Based Healthcare Blends Strategic Planning, Healthcare Marketing and Quality and Strategy in Health Care Marketing
Value Based Healthcare The concept of value-based healthcare refers to the restructuring of the various global healthcare systems with the fundamental goal of fostering increased value for the patients (Moriates, Arora, & Shah 5). Previously, majority of healthcare systems were driven by other goals such as ensuring enhanced care access, containing the costs of healthcare delivery, and promoting patient convenience/customer service in a bid to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare. However, the financial collapse had far-reaching consequences for the healthcare systems as it
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As the healthcare landscape continues to shift, medical providers and hospitals are continuously being challenged to develop clear and concise visions and redesign care delivery in ways that will usher proper transitions to value-based care. As value-based healthcare continues to take root, more and more hospitals and providers are finding themselves with little option but to join the movement. However, the jump from previously utilized fee-for-service models to value-based healthcare is not an easy one, and many healthcare organizations are finding it difficult to do so. The greatest challenge lies in successfully making the transition from volume to value-based healthcare in ways that are financially stable. Such inherent difficulties faced by those within the healthcare system are what have necessitated strategic…show more content…
The changing climate as a result of the advent of value-based care continues to place significant demands on hospitals, medical providers, healthcare organizations, and physicians to take a completely new look at the marketing strategy. A coherent strategy and sustained quality are critical in today’s healthcare market to attract new patients, retain existing clients, and maintain positive and productive relationships between the patients and hospital staff. To be viable today, healthcare organizations have to utilize effective strategic planning to develop integrated marketing strategies that makes it efficient and easy for the target population to identify what they need, make informed decisions, and provide insights and new information – not just basic promotion. Also, such efforts have to be constantly evaluated to ensure highest quality that fosters better outcomes and more value for the
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