Value Chain Analysis: Analysis Of Value Chain Analysis In British Airways

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Value Chain Analysis The Value chain analysis portrays the exercises the organization performs and connects them to the organization competitive position. Value chain analysis depicts the exercises inside and around an association, and relates them on analysis of competitive strength of organization. The different assets like machinery must be sent into activities, schedules and systems that create the essential value. Exercises that generate value are partitioned into two classes. These are primary and support. • Primary Activities • Secondary Activities Primary activities are primarily focuses on making or delivery of a product or service. They can be grouped into five main areas: • Inbound logistics • Operations • Outbound logistics • Marketing • Service Support Activities When each primary activity is linked to support activities it helps in improving organizations effectiveness or efficiency. This includes activities like: • Procurement • Technology development • Human resource management • Infrastructure Inbound Logistics: Receiving, storing and distributing of inputs should be fast. Qatar airways are among the top in this list followed by British Airways. Goods received from company suppliers are referred to as inbound logistics. Competitive advantage is achieved in inbound logistics stage of the business by BA through establishing on-going relationships with suppliers, sophisticated system for stock control and professional training that has been accredited

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