Value Chain Analysis Of PTCL & MOCLL

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Michael Porter Value Chain

Supporting Activities of PTCL

1. Organizational Structure

2. Human Resource Development The performance of HR department of PTCL is very valuable. Its improvement can be measured by the following accomplishments.
• Head Office Database system
• Regional Database system
• Payroll method
The training administration region of PTCL providing opportunities for their employees by giving them training in training academy at Haripur known as Telecom staff College.

3. Technology Development
PTCL is working on latest technologies which make it able to perform effectively and satisfy their customers. By the use of ERP (enterprise resource planning),
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Vendors have a prescribed date to submit their proposals. The company with lower cost qualifies. Vendors interested in becoming registered with PTCL must pre-register with the Procurement Department/Vendor relation section. This registration process is compulsory and surpass all previous registration, such registration is valid for “3“years, after that, it is the vendor’s responsibility to renew their registration in a appropriate manner at least 3 months ahead of expiry. All new and presented vendors are mandatory to register by completing form and submitting the detailed documents along with…show more content…
Customer’s expectations towards Mobilink are exceeded, so in this way Mobilink provides services to their customers before and after purchasing. It has the largest customer services division in the company, which includes

• Customer services operations (front end)

• Customer services systems (contact center)

• Quality assurance, standardization & training

Competitive Advantages of PTCL & MOBILINK
PTCL & Mobilink success lies in the development of strong, fundamental and long term business plans, created to sustain economic challenges in the country. They has invested heavily in infrastructure, technology, human resources, marketing and customer services which has given driving force for a wide based future planning strategy. In this manner they have a competitive advantage of making tremendous investments in Pakistan which nobody else had made before with respect to telecom. Both organizations have large number of corporate customers using PTCL landlines and Mobilink post paid and pre paid connections, which is a very big achievement for both
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