Value Chain Analysis: Walmart, Amazon, And Ebay

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Walmart, Amazon, and EBay 1. Analyse each of these companies using the value chain and competitive forces models. The value chain model of Amazon in itself is internally and operationally the best that adds value and maintains competitive advantage. The primary activities include Inbound logistics for example quality control, receiving, raw materials, control and supply schedules; Operations for example packaging , maintenance, quality control; Outbound Logistics for example finishing goods, order handling, delivery, dispatch, invoicing; Sales & Marketing for example customer management, order taking, promotion, market research, sales analysis; Servicing for example warranty, maintenance, education and training. Support activities of Amazon include administrative and finance infrastructure; human resources management; product & technology development and procurement. This leads to less cost and more profit margins. The Walmart value chain is also almost the same except there are physical stores involved in between while Amazon has everything through online platform. Thus if we analyse the value chain is almost the same for Walmart, Amazon and eBay. Condiering the comeptetive forces anlaysis ofr all three : • Rivalry in the industry: This is fairly weaker; however Wal-Mart enjoys the topmost slot because of lowest cost, prices and more profits and market share as compared to Amazon and eBay. Because of no entry barriers the market is full of competitors. • Threat of

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