Value Creation In Apple

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Zhang (2012) defines HVE as “the application of engineering technologies, skills and capabilities to the creation, development and deployment of high value adding products and services that may lead to sustainable economic growth in complex global business networks.” This means that HVE is a methodical approach that adds “value” to the products or services at the lowest cost by doing something that other people cannot do. Thus, the product would be unique such that the organisation will be able to gain competitive advantage in the global business networks.
The typical forms of value creation are materials integration and resource efficiency. Materials integration refers to the creation of innovative products with the combination of resources
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introduced a product known as iMac, where 30 per cent of its aluminum stand is made up of recycled materials. This is an example of materials integration of value creation. Designers and engineers from Apple continue to build products with minimal material. With the implementation of “Apple Recycling Program”, the organization offers environmentally friendly disposal of Apple products to consumers. Apple is constantly searching for new technology of recycling process to recover additional materials used and increase resource efficiency.
With the strong competitors in the market, Apple has to keep up its pace in the market and gain competitor advantages through developing its capabilities. The organization can build capabilities to enable itself to initiate market changes that can enhance their strategic position and allow firm to accustom to the dynamic market conditions. Although Apple generally focuses on innovation, efficiency and flexibility are also adopted by the firm for an integrated HVE. However, the report will be solely focusing on
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Hence, efficiency is highly attained. The products and services produced by Apple such as iPhone products are able to reformulate the market and mold environmental changes which cause competitors to respond. Due to the strong competitors in the market, iPhone products manufactured through the operation processes had redefined the market for smartphones and gained top few position for phone industry. Today, customers value products that are environmental friendly and sustainable according to the Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, when the firm makes use of recycled contents and mass-produces the goods which are environmental friendly, it actually caters to the customers’ expectations through this new technology. Such example would be the “Apple Recycling Program” which Apple had developed that helped the firm to gain competitor
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