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Why do you value creativity in the workplace?
It is not the artistic creativity the business is demanding, it is more of mind elasticity i.e., the ability to be able to shift and adapt towards a very unpredictable world.
It will be very helpful if you map your workplace values, in order to make good career decisions which suit your unique personality. These work related values determines the choices you make about the work. Some people value salary or premium, others values on creativity.
Nowadays people are not just looking for jobs; they are more interested in organizations that values align with theirs. As we can see the workplaces in which people work are increasingly becoming collaborative. While some like to work in teams, and some like to it independently. Most effective and successful organizations look forward with people who have already shared most of their key values.
Creating a team inside the company is a way in which creativity can be nurtured. This will help the employee to a great extent as they feel their voices are heard. New ideas will rise if they work as a team. So working in teams is an asset to the company.
Companies expect their employees to
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It is simply their creative capital. That means how many creative thinkers are there in the organization so that their ideas can be converted to valuable product and services. Employees with creative ideas not only produce new and innovative technologies but also tremendous economic growth within the organization. A company’s success depends on them. Now the question arises: How to manage creativity effectively? Many management gurus or thinkers like Andrew Hargadon, John Seely Brown has been focussing on these topics like hoe creativity can be nurtured effectively. Wesley Cohen rightly talks about the concept of “absorptive capacity”. It is the firm’s capacity to absorb new and external

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