Value Education In India

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“What we are today is the result of what we valued yesterday…..What we will be tomorrow will be the result of what we value today...” Swami Vivekananda
If we talk about Indian Education, it is the foundation pillar of development of our country. It is the only tool to fight all social evils and make the society and the country a healthy one. We proudly say that our country has around 70% of its people as literates,having a large pool of brilliant scientists, astronauts, engineers, teachers and professionals. Talking about the greatness of India these quotes worth mentioning- "We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made" --Albert Einstein.
"India is the
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But now people due to Value Education are educating girls too as they have realized that if they are educating the girls, they are educating the whole family and the nation too.
Value Education is the indispensible part of total education system. Value Education has played an important role in removing the taboos from the Indian society but a lot still remains to be done. Value education should promote lively discussion and thoughtful reflection that leads to explore further values as part of academics, the community, and one’s individual life. The process of value education involves clarifying, modeling, teaching, and asking students to role model values, and to apply them in their educational, personal, and professional lives.
There are myriads of societies living in our world. However, it should be noted that no society is perfect. Every society has certain evils and disadvantages.. The societies with lesser evils and disadvantages are considered as the best societies. Therefore, every society, by maintaining its own distinction and uniqueness, strives to put an end to these evils, which basically guarantees the society 's evolution. However, it is important that the society must realize that there are evils in it and they are to be
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Strong law and order system strives to achieve justice and minimize the social evils. Through effective law enforcing agencies, including police, courts and prisons, an active law and order system makes utmost effort that justice is served to the people. If we peep into the reality, it can be observed in the some of the present societies of the world that law and order system tends to favor few while discriminating others. Some of the views also suggest that social evils are the outcome of the corrupt human nature, rather than the unjust and inappropriate social

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