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I believe in the value of education and I believe that it is the key to success. I come from a family of educated parents. My dad is a banker and my mom is a dentist. My parents have successful careers and I enjoy their work ethics. I am motivated to excel in education and have a prosperous career like my parents. I have a firsthand experience in the value of education because of my parents’ success. As such, I would like to walk in their footsteps by following the education curriculum in preparation for a future career. As I stated in my first essay, education has the power to transform a person from nothing to something. Today I am a student and tomorrow I might the most renowned engineer or scientist because I followed the right channel.…show more content…
Ben Carson is one great individual that I consider as my mentor. Having come from a humble background, Carson started off with a poor grade until the mother intervened. From a C student, he is now a successful neurosurgeon. Likewise, I would like to gain knowledge and skills that will help me in my future. Besides, I would also like to empower or give back to the community by mentoring young children about the value of education. With this note, I aim at exposing my belief system to other schools of thoughts as a way to nurture my critical thinking ability, research, and personal growth. Criticism or contrary opinions help in personal enlightenment and understanding…show more content…
For instance, does college education guarantee a future successful career? A research question is important because it gives the guideline and the scope of a research paper. The second aspect is to have to test the hypothesis of the study. I could argue that education is important because it opens a door for career progress and personal enrichment. For the purpose of the primary data, I interviewed my seven friends and five family members. My sample was composed of 12 individuals who argued the college education is important as a key to future prosperity and career growth. The only limitation of the study was lack of time to carry out a formal survey. However, the results affirmed my belief in the value of

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