An Essay On The Value Of Honesty

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, honesty is the quality of being fair and trustful. I have always wondered why people succeed and are considered of great importance. Many tend to succeed through illegal paths, which will vanish faster than they think. Real businessmen build their heritage slowly, step by step through honest actions and decisions. A person who’s honest is not weak or fragile, instead, dares to practice honesty, to be considered trustworthy, and to be transparent in everything they do. They stand for their own beliefs. Why do people tend to lie? Simply because the truth can be hurtful, but it will never compare to a lie. They justify this action by saying that they are protecting people they love from the truth; though I don’t think this is a useful action since the truth always comes out. Since the modern days have changed, people lie to others to hide a truth, to seem more interesting, to hide fears and manipulate. This may be caused by insecurity or other personal factors. Honesty is an important value for our society to be in harmony.
Humans are not able to love if we are not honest. There’s a verse in the bible that
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My personal experience with the value of honesty was when I was 15 years-old. I started a secret relationship with the boy I liked. He was one of the funniest and the kindest guy I had ever met. I thought I was deeply in love with him, so I accepted to be his girlfriend. We had a blast, everything was like a fairytale until my parents found out. Since I kept it as a secret, my parents couldn’t believe what they heard. They thought I was a girl who only focused on school and friends, perhaps I did. Because of my dishonesty, my parents lost their trust on me. I was devasted, but I had to overcome my actions by dealing with the consequences. Losing someone´s confidence is hard to gain back. Once it breaks, it takes years to
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