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Importance of values in job satisfaction of employees in health care sector of Pakistan

Syed Muhammad Salman Jaffer

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Importance of values in job satisfaction of employees in health care sector of Pakistan 1
Syed Muhammad Salman Jaffer 1
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This study is based on the relationship between the values of individuals and job satisfaction with reference to the health care sector of Pakistan. The importance of values of an individual has an impact on his or her job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has a direct impact on the performance of employees.
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They neglect the moderating and intervening variables. The relationship between job satisfaction and cultural values is complex one. The factors of individualism, uncertainty avoidance and power distance are more likely to influence the job satisfaction and employees commitment to work in the best of organizational interest. (Palich L. E., 1995).
Job satisfaction is the result of the factors like payoffs (Pay/salary), promotion policies, the work itself (nature of work), supervisors’ behavior, relationships with the co-workers and the career opportunities. The most important factor in all of above is the payoff. Compensation has a direct impact of the job performance and studies concluded as income is the major determinant of job satisfaction. (M.B,
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Those who employed in a complex profession like medical which is extremely demanding, sometime undesirable events happens and also some unpredictable feeling and behaviors observed which leading towards job dissatisfaction. The workers in the public health care institutions needs high level of care in their profession. I would like to share the result of this study with the relevant authorities that may help them in improving their standards and develop a better job fit for the employees of health care sector. Policy makers’ need to realize the undesirable working conditions and the work load of workers employed in public sector and they should empower public sector employees with their actual rights and provide them the benefits as the private sector employees received. They also need to improve income scale for employees. Performance based incentive should also be provided. When workers’ needs are fulfilled they are likely to be in a position to provide high level of health care services in this way the health care sector of Pakistan will rise to

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