The Value Of Knowledge

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Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished? Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge. The most important thing that you have to notice are the key terms: application, value and diminished. When you take these key terms you derive the knowledge question “What is considered as the value of knowledge and to what extent does the application of knowledge limit the pure concept of knowledge?” While looking at the areas of knowledge, ethics and indigenous knowledge we will see that there is a lot more too it than what we see with the naked eye. Therefore we will see that knowledge has different origins and different fields. Before going into great detail two perspectives have to be taken into…show more content…
Therefore it can be interpreted in different ways; firstly one must put emphasis on the word “believing” what is it really when you believe in something? And to what extent is it true that it is significantly valuable? From then on, you can develop it further, this allowing people to have an ethical perspective of knowledge and its value. But the overall understanding has to be there, this going on to the next point understanding what knowledge really is. One considerably dominant type of knowledge being indigenous knowledge, which is knowledge that is addressed to a specific culture or society. This therefore associating with ethics and what our morals and standards are. But to what extent can the value of knowledge actually be defined? So the relevant knowledge issue here is: to what extent does the application of knowledge determine its value? We are trying to understand why exactly we regard knowledge as valuable? This is very significant as mentioned before the interpretation of how valuable knowledge really is varies. One crucial perspective is how can the value of knowledge actually be…show more content…
On the basis of whether or not someone likes the topic they are learning about this also greatly influences the value people have towards knowledge. Do emotions allow us to see things the way they truly are? Or do they just hinder our perception of knowledge? I think that our intuition greatly influences our idea of knowledge, but in two different ways. On the one hand, we are prone to say that emotions do more or less determine the way we think about specific things, whereas reason would not be able

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