Value Of Life Essay

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The Value of Life Looking back on my life and all the struggles I face on the daily, The Value of Life is learning how to get through certain situations that will make you a better person inside and out. Situations that’ll help you grow and be better, that’ll help you learn what the value of life really is. When you face difficulties, when you feel pain, when you lose a loved one, you learn to live past that situation which will make you a stronger individual that will give you a different aspect of life. Maya Angelou, an American Poet , quotes “When you learn, teach. When you get, give” (Angelou). Meaning when you share your experiences and you explain how you got through that situation you teach others how to do the same. When you receive…show more content…
Carpe Diem is used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. Life will always throw you punches but by living by Carpe Diem make the best out of life. Examples from the text is when Robin Williams who plays Mr. Keating says “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. That is an example that proves that if you put your mind to change yourself or the world never give up on yourself. People want to see you fail and if you let their words get to you, you will never succeed. I believe we should allow ourselves to change the world and take risks. By taking risks it makes you feel alive. It brings a sense of growth because you’re allowing yourself to take further steps in life to have a better life. Another quote from Dead Poets Society would be when Keating quotes “Just when you think you know something, you have to look at it another way. Even though it may seem silly and wrong, you must try. Keating is explaining why he stands on the desk. He says he does that to gain a new perspective. It’s important for us to form a our own opinions, that way we can see life in a different
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