Value Of Modest Life Essay

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Only those who live a simpler and balanced life have the power to be more caring, and witty. In other words, living a modest life helps us to enjoy details, create face to face connections with people around us, and get to know ourselves better, whereas material goods like phones, body modifying surgeries and accessories are acquired so easily that we keep wanting more instead of enjoying what we already have. Our value comes from who we are, not for what we have and simplicity helps people to overlook your acquisitions and see whom you really are.

Cellphones are one way that people are materialistic and we have a reliance on material goods but we can work towards a balance that can make our lives simpler and help us connect more to others and ourselves. “It's quite difficult to be present when you're constantly looking at your phone. Now whether it was while riding the subway, eating dinner or talking to a friend, the phone
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Where a piece of clothing, or a perfect body is worth more than who we are in the inside, our thoughts and feelings. Simplicity in this case should be to stop looking at peoples physical appearances and enjoy details; replace body modifying surgeries for healthy diets and trainings. “When we can put thought into our purchases and only buy things that we need or really want we will then appreciate what we have even more and we can focus our time and energy on what really matters” (Mindy, 2013). Only those who pursue a simpler life will create a physically healthier life. You become more present of what you eat and how you feel. If we learnt to live this simple life we would be able to learn more of ourselves and realizing that money shouldn’t be wasted on unnecessary material goods when there are people without a single material thing in their life’s and they life more full and happier than those who have a full closet or the thinnest
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