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The Value of a Reading Books – Developing a Crucial Soft Skill Anecdotes have never really enjoyed the credibility of a statistical conclusion. Regardless, they have certainly basked in the glory as conversation starters. Especially in this situation as an opening to the discourse of something as personal as ones’ reading habit. Just recently, I took some time off from my busy Netflixing schedule to glance at my book shelf, looking at the once silent friends I could never let go. I realized I had only been acquainted with them, not having made a serious relationship with many. I had read only a fraction with a majority of them continuing to lament in the lowly status of still reading without any promising signs of completion in the near future.…show more content…
5.7% of all recreational spending, in 1990, was on books while audio, video, and non-bookish spending made up 6% of the expenses. In 2002, this number on electronic entertainment shot up to 24% of recreational spending while books remained at a somewhat similar 5.6%. So, you might say, that on top of the explosion of electronic media entertainment, even the willingness to spend money on the same, has increased. Hence, despite the increase in the number of college graduates, and consequently people with better jobs than before and more buying capacity, books have not really featured as priority. The idea of engaging your mind to effectively comprehend words requires far more commitment than being a passive participant while a dynamic array of images is able to capture your…show more content…
Studies (sources 3,4,5 below) have shown that students who develop a reading habit, even leisure reading for that matter, are able to learn story structures, gain the capacity to grasp information, and even comprehend more complex reading, with improved process of thinking, evaluating, analysing, judging, seeing relations, and even problem-solving. Besides an increased propensity for reading achievement tests, good readers, according to a study, are also inclined to get overall better academic

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