Value Systems Theory: Value System Theory In Leadership And Management

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Value system theory- For those who is interested in the leadership and management of large organization, the idea of Value system theory(vMEME) spreading to leadership will give insight and helps us to understand the development of leadership of every corner of organization fundamentally helps to shape the individual and groups decision making which they share. Following graves spiral dynamics theory, beck And Cowan enhanced the theory using the nascent science of mimetics termed “meme (coined by English biologist Richard Dawkins in the selfish Gene (oxford 1976) imitated like “DNA” called Meme representing value systems’ using the human mind as core point, memes attached itself to understand organization, individual s, entire culture, and societies. According to them “vMEMEs” it is a value system representing the framework of world view set of standard, priorities, a mindset, and mental thinking deep level at the bottom line- limited with no negotiation.
The meme’s organized the hierarchy in spiral like structure where on top, new vMeme’s emerges in response to the complex living condition whereas the bottom are lined with fundamental needs. According to Beck, Cowan and Graves identified eight different value systems in response to the emergence and changes which exhibited the living condition of the humans. Each vMEME reflect a valuing system an organized standard, it reflects the worlds view, it is the way we think in psychological existence in our belief structure and

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