Value Turnoff Advantages And Disadvantages

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Definition of Value turnoff
In result, this means not getting what you pay for. These include insufficient guarantees, a failure to meet value expectations, and high prices comparative to the value perceived. Just like you pay more money for a quiet, comfortable place to have your meals but end up having meals in a noisy , annoying place.(William Keenan Jr , 2004 )
Definition of Systems turnoff
When systems do not meet customer expectations, customers experience a systems turnoff. This could look like connections of processes that are unnecessarily complicated of ineffective. It could be look like employees who lack the knowledge to answer customer questions. (William Keenan Jr , 2004 )

Definition of People Turnoff
Companies are composed
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Amateur staff can easily irritate a customer because lack of knowledge about restaurant and restaurant/company should be train their staff more frequently so that they can represent the restaurant appropriately, and give correct information to customers and provide suitable solutions if bad things happen . Bad music really annoys customers. If the music is so loud that customers have to scream at each other to be heard or a room that’s so somber that customers feel uncomfortable even whispering at each other for breaking the silence, good acoustics and a comfortable amount of background noise are essential. Bing Dian Restaurant should be asking their parents to ask their children to be quiet during eating their meal because children can really annoy customers that pay more money for quiet place to have their meal. Bing Dian Restaurant should be asking their staff to clean their toilet everyday , restaurants often let hygiene slip in the toilet. If the toilet is dirty and messy , as a customers this only leads one to ask the question , “ if they can’t even be bothered to keep their own bathrooms clean, what will the kitchen looks like? Clean or dirty as the toilet ?” The food making in the kitchen must be fast enough , don’t let customers wait so long for their meals…show more content…
A small thing like greetings to customers really make their customers feel warm and happy to shop around your store. Employee really need to know their customers well and remember customers are the most important . Try to fulfill their customers as much as possible. Customers are very good at convincing themselves that they need what they want , it is employee job to provide what they want and give customers a reason to need it. Customers loyalty comes when employees are able to predict what the customers are going to need when they know it. A good condition place really attract a lot of customer compared to a dirty , messy place. Make clever decision and solution when the problems coming , A great solution do not lose customers easily . Giving the customers more than they expect making them feel the “worth”. A good employee should be have every knowledge about the store so they can give the fastest and correct information to their customers. Share information with the customers like explain how the product work, what ingredients used to make the foods and understand what they need is a employee job. Company and employee should be thank their customers for doing business with them , reward them for being loyalty like giving some discount , some voucher to let customers continue support the company. Of course , stay connected with customers also the ways that don’t lose customers easily , inform

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