Values: A Critical Concepts Of Fidelity In Marriage

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I will try to define the relevant concepts used in this argument. As far I can understand there are four concepts that have a critical importance: “value”, “fact”, “value freedom” and “scientific process”. Close to them are other concepts that need to be clarified also, for instance “belief” and “norms”. 2.1 Values The first and inevitable question is: what is a value? Let me start with what the Collins Dictionary1 says. It gives two alternatives which are relevant to the purpose of this work2: a) (value in singular) is the desirability of a thing, often with respect to any property, that makes that thing worthy or important; b) (values in plural) is a set of moral principles and beliefs, or accepted standards, of a person or social group.…show more content…
Some people consider fidelity in marriage a cardinal value. But why is it a value to aim to? Several reasons may be given. For instance because The Bible says so, or because a successful marriage requires exclusive devotion to your mate, or the more prosaic reason to avoid risks of sexual diseases. Whatever you choose as a reason, to raise fidelity in marriage as a value, there is a conviction that fidelity has some properties that are important to you. In this sense our values reflects what we consider desirable, that is what we want to obtain. So if I want a successful marriage and I belief that exclusive devotion to my partner is an important component to achieve it I will raise fidelity in marriage as a

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