Confidentiality In Health And Social Care

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Principles of care This module will give you a clear outline of the values, theories and policies that underline health and social care practice and the mechanisms that exist to promote good practice. Within the module it will be exploring care relationships and the importance of power within the health and social care sector. Looking at the importance of promoting the right of individuals, including dignity, confidentiality, respect and choice. You will also consider the importance of policies and procedures in relation to protection of vulnerable people and upholding people’s rights, this will be linked with case studies and class discussion, to aid understanding of the application to health and social care practice. The principles…show more content…
Such information should be available only to the physician of record and other health care and insurance personnel as necessary. As of 2003, patient confidentiality was protected by federal statute.” Confidentiality, the bond between health and social care staff and service users must be entrustment. Health and social care professionals have to maintain confidentiality for the safety and care of the service users for example a client that has a sexual disease will want the information kept private. Every professional must keep private information to himself or herself, if they tell anyone they will be breaking the confidentiality act as well as the data protection act. To add to this its really important not to address information in a public environment where you may be overheard. The outcome of breaching confidentiality can be a disciplinary action by employers, or the service users for professional misconduct may take legal…show more content…
To add to this, this is a totally different thing completely. For instant, you may need to challenge others within practice for example people who negligently discriminate. This will mean that you may have to actively challenge your colleagues and people by using the service on their discriminatory behaviour. Also it may be hard to do but as health and social care professionals they need to be ready to hold to their 5 principles of care value base and they may have to challenge people if needs be. If you do not actively follow the 5 care principles and actively promote anti discrimination. Health and social care professionals will then be drawn into the discrimination. Health and social care professionals need to discuss this with their manager or another person that they trust within the work setting. This is if the health and care professional does not feel that they, themselves cannot challenge the discrimination. Reporting also helps support it as this is challenging the anti discriminatory practice. Empowerment, health and social care profession can empower the professionals by helping them to promote individuals right for the well being and choices for the service user at all times. Health and social care professionals can promote empowerment. Working within health and social care
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