Values, Ethics, And Nursing Practice

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Introduction In this Journal of experiential learning paper I will lead you through my learning outcomes starting with the 2 most engaging and least engaging concepts including professional organizations, the history of nursing, nursing theories and values, ethics, and nursing practice, the two concepts I believe are the most important in my nursing career including Values, ethics, and nursing practice, and human relationships and how they will impact my future as a nurse, I will also explain two learning outcomes in the course and how I’ve developed the skills to be successful in those outcomes. Levels of engagement During the semester I found that two specific subjects really jumped out at me, one being the professional organizations. When…show more content…
Firstly, I chose Values, Ethics and nursing practice because it is so important. As much as I stated above there is a lot of grey area it is so important to know your own values and to know what is important to you and to others. Values and ethics play a big role in client care because you may not agree with what a client chooses, for example assisted suicide. It’s not up to you to decide what is right for a client and you have to put your own values and beliefs aside to provide the best client care. You must be able to fully understand your own values and beliefs to be able to understand others. This is so important as a nurse because you will deal with a lot of clients who either disagree with your decisions or you will disagree with the choices they make regarding their care. Another important concept in my opinion is Human Relationships: Interpersonal skills and group dynamics. A big part of this subject is communication, communication in my opinion is one of the most important forms of client care because it includes so many different forms including client communication, communication with family, communication with co-workers and when you are doing public health teaching. Through the many forms you can understand more thoroughly the patient’s needs. Communication can be both a good and a bad form of client care though because someone may interpret what you are…show more content…
Before I started DOS and the nursing program at Georgian I had never had the experience of looking up scholarly articles and journals through CINAHL, now I know how to find files that are scholarly written and peer reviewed. It has helped me tremendously as I have used CINAHL in every class so far this semester when writing my papers. It had made it easier to find credible resources that I know is well written and has real, honest information. The second one is Investigate the past, present, and future of professional nursing practice, through the history of nursing I learned how nursing started and the techniques they used, and the amount of schooling that was required which I stated above. We are now learning about current techniques and practice standards while in school and we are learning the new ways of nursing which will affect the future of nurses. The one concept I do still have questions about is the professional, legal and ethical dimensions of nursing because I find it very hard to understand. How do you know what is right and what isn’t when everyone has their own opinion on care, ethics, and values? This might be difficult for me to understand right away until I learn
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