Values In Colonial England

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The ideologies of the people coming from Europe shaped the way that our country was formed. "What is freedom to a nation, but freedom to the individuals in it?"1 While this quote is not necessarily from this period, it illustrates the values of the colonial people when forming their new country. England was a place of relative freedom, however, there were certain groups of people who believed they needed more religious, political, and individual freedoms.

During this time period, England was nearly exclusively Protestant. King Henry VIII had formed the Church of England and imposed it on the nation. Although King Henry VIII was dead for most of this time, the idea of a singular religion was still intact. The puritans, who were the first to come settle in the new world, tried to settle in Holland first, but they soon realized that Holland had even more religious tolerance than they had wanted. Due to this discovery, they decided that the new world would be the best option for what they wanted to accomplish.2

Also around this time, there were people who were unhappy with the way the king was running their nation and were interested in trying to become their own society that was run by people who shared in their values.3 They went to the New World to establish their new
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The English limited monarchy had grown too closeminded in the eyes of those who left. Their system of government relied too heavily on the needs of the lords and nobles and not enough on the lives of the people. The common people grew tired of being neglected and looked elsewhere for a place that would allow them to live their lives as they desired. Without this decision, there would be no democracy in America because no one would have striven for more than one group of people making choices for everyone without the representation they believed they
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