Values In Forrest Gump

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«Forrest Gump» “Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump. This line is simply a statement of fact, and a bit of a challenge. What it actually says is “Don’t judge me by how I think. Judge me by what I do”. In this text, I have written about the movie “Forrest Gump”, what values it contains and the big difference between Forrest and Jenny. The film «Forrest Gump» is about a simple-minded but kind-hearted boy, who we follow throughout the years until he is a grown-up. The first scene the film contains is when Forrest is sitting at a bus stop, at this moment he picks up a feather and puts it in his book “Curious George”. While he is waiting for the bus, he starts to tell his life story to a woman seated next to him. The listeners change regularly. On Forrest`s first day of school he meets his so-to-be best friend Jenny. After discarded his leg braces, he gets into college on a football scholarship, because of his ability to run at lightning speed. Forrest completes college and joins the army; this is when he went to Vietnam. During this time, Forrest meets Bubba, a black man who was extremely into the shrimping business. When Forrest`s platoon is attacked, he rescues many of the men, but he did not manage to save his friend Bubba. For his heroism, Forrest is awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Forrest succeeds in life in many…show more content…
Unquestioning loyalty is everything that matters to Forrest. Share a smile and an open ear with him, and he`ll be on your side for life. Just look at his friendship with Bubba: they share seats next to each other on the Army bus once, and before you know it, they are such good friends that Forrest even buys a shrimping boat after the Vietnam war to keep his promise. The film teaches us that friendship is just one more of those things – like love and success – that does not depend on a high IQ. The one thing a friendship truly needs is unwavering
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