Social Work Value Analysis

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My View Points on the Social Work Ethics Values
I define values as someone’s personal view of what they feel is important in their life, and the way they act towards that value. Values affect people in different ways. An example of a value that someone views as important would be no sex before marriage. The two values that I picked that reflects on how I was raised are; importance of human relationship and dignity worth of the person.
Understanding and Defining the Values
I first chose to write about the importance of human relationships because to me that is an important value to me. I define the importance of human relationships as a person who creates a relation with their clients to have a better view of a situation; so the client
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I understand that this value is how social worker’s work to help people out with whatever problem they have with no judgement. It’s also when you show that you are caring towards the person that you’re with. I would want to let the person know that they can trust me as their social worker.
According to Dybicz, P. (2012) article, it explains how the importance of human relationships in the social work profession the social worker has to think about the relationship between them and their clients. There are boundaries that need to be between both the clients and social worker. When having a relationship in a profession setting me as a social worker has to make sure that the client knows it’s only a professional relationship.
Furthermore, Leslie, D. H. (2005) article talks about the dignity worth of the person. She first explains how social workers should treat their clients in every situation. Then she talks about how prenatal sex-selection raises a lot of complications. Prenatal sex-selection is seen as bad in society overall. Picking the gender of the baby is also the parents or parent
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A personal experience of mine was right after I graduated from high school I dated this guy. We were the same age and we were doing good in the beginning of the relationship. During the relationship he would mentally/ emotionally abuse me, and physically abused me. At the time I didn’t really view it as that. We would just fight a lot. I then started noticing one day when him and I were in the care with my best friend that he would scream at me. I was driving and he would grab my thigh really hard. She helped me get out of that relationship. He also cheated on me multiple times and that was a relationship I was happy to get out. I did not know my worth at the time. He took that all away at the time. Now I am in a better place and understand more when it comes to the dignity and worth of the
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